50 Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities for Recovery

All group therapy programs have to be aware of the ethical considerations as well as the special challenges that their groups will face, recovery groups are no different in this regard. In addition to focusing on your own self-care this Mental Health Awareness Month, consider checking in on loved ones. While addiction knows no bounds, it disproportionately affects certain groups of people.

Why are substance abuse groups effective?

Therapists can then help members understand the relationship between situations and emotions and how clients can better cope with those emotions in the future. Addiction treatment is challenging but group activities for adults with substance abuse a very transformative experience. Mental health activities include any activities that stimulate growth and change, and challenge clients to explore and improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • This can include major job changes, meeting an important friend, graduation from college, or the death of a family member.
  • Alternatively, group members can take turns drawing cards, but all group members are encouraged to share their answers.
  • We suggest you browse these articles for more ideas on how to set effective goals with your group therapy clients—this article on Goal-setting in Counselling and Therapy is a great place to start.

The 30 Best Substance Abuse Group Activities

Balancing empathy with gentle encouragement helps participants explore their ambivalence and find their intrinsic motivations for change. Have the group share how they can improve their self-care or list them out as part of your substance abuse group activities. Practicing refusal skills through role-playing is a dynamic way to prepare participants for real-world situations where they might be tempted to use substances.

Exercise May Help People Cut Back on Drugs and Alcohol, Study Suggests – TIME

Exercise May Help People Cut Back on Drugs and Alcohol, Study Suggests.

Posted: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Your Ultimate Group Therapy Guide (+ Activities & Ideas)

Substance abuse group activities are one of the most intimidating parts of rehab for many people. Addiction isolates you from those around you, such as friends and family, and you get used to mostly being on your own. When you come to rehab and need to share intimately in a group setting during early recovery, it’s no wonder people get uncomfortable. Recovering Champions offers 100% confidential substance abuse assessment and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs.

group activities for adults with substance abuse

In this article, we will list various group therapy activities to use in your practice. Think of emotional problems you face, such as depression or a bad temper. Then write about or discuss how these emotions might serve you, such as the way your depression forces you to slow down and rest when you’re overwhelmed. Then write about or discuss ways you can serve the same purpose in a more positive way, such as allowing yourself regular sessions of peaceful self-care to stave off overwhelm. Have the group identify and discuss common triggers for substance abuse.

Language Matters When It Comes to Mental Health

This helps members get to know one another and sets the stage for open and honest communication from the outset. The ideas and activities for substance abuse group therapy that are used will have an impact on the benefits that our clients have. Group sessions provide group members with an opportunity to practice life skills including communication and establishing boundaries. Effective https://ecosoberhouse.com/ group leaders can help create an environment where members can challenge each other in a productive manner while practicing these life skills. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a good reminder to focus on the importance of mental health and its impact on our well-being. Mental health conditions can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, or income level.

  • This group therapy exercise focuses on communication and mindfulness skills in participants and is a great general activity for all types of therapy.
  • Group therapy is a vital aspect in all levels of addiction treatment and continued care, including outpatient treatment and sober living.
  • The first person creates a simple beat, and the rest of the group follows suit, repeating the pattern and adding their embellishments.

A list of possible group therapy activities

Substance Use Group Therapy Topics & Themes